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Math Supplies and Aids

Bright Shapes Cut Outs are made from vivid color, fade resistant high quality paper. It’s easy to work with-try paints, markers, colored pencils, paints, glitter, glue…just about anything! Bright Shapes come in assorted colors...
A durable low-cost school calculator. Appropriate for: Math Grades K-3 Negative sign: Appears to the left of the number displayed. ANYLITE™ solar power: Operates in low light; never needs batteries. Plastic keys: Tamper proof, and ca..
The TI-15 Explorer™ is a pedagogically sound tool that helps students make connections between classroom learning and real-world situations. The TI-15 Explorer combines the fraction capabilities of the Math Explorer™ with a two-line display, p..
The two-line display scientific calculator combines statistics and advanced scientific functions and is a durable and affordable calculator for the classroom. The two-line display helps students explore math and science concepts in the classroom. Idea..
Fiskar's item # 12-95300 Safety Math compass from Fiskars. Comes with pencil...
Quad ruled graph paper composition book from Roaring Spring. This composition book has horizontal and vertical lines which are both evenly-spaced over the entire page, creating a grid of squares. These evenly-spaced squares help to keep things lined up...
Made in USA by Little Folk Visuals. Stories and lessons come alive with both visual and oral presentations. These pre-cut felt pieces cling to felt without the need for glue, or adhesives. This allows children to move the pieces freely, for hours of f..
• 55 double-sided cards featuring problems 0 + 0 to 12 + 12 • Numbers written in bold, block-style • Answers on the opposite side of each card • Thick, glossy cardstock • Rounded corners for easy sorting • Includes a Parent Card with tips and instructions..
• 52 Problem Cards • Reference Cards for parents • Parent Card with usage tips • 104 division problems from 4 ÷ 2 to 144 ÷ 12 • Correct answers on reverse side of card • Easy-to-read numbers and words • Thick, durable cardstock • Rounded corners for easy..
• 55 Problem Cards made of thick, durable cardstock • Parent Card with usage tips • 110 multiplication problems from 0 x 0 to 12 x 12 • Correct answers in small print on reverse side of card • Colorful, easy-to-read numbers and words • Rounded corners for..
• 50 double-sided Number Cards • 3 Counting Cards for reference • Game Card with rules • Parent Card with usage tips • Thick, durable cardstock • Rounded corners for easy sorting Skills: numbers 1-100; counting; skip counting; focus..
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